July 17, 2020

A Brooklyn In Home Maternity Session

Andrea found me on Instagram for her in home maternity session but when we saw each other, it felt like we could have met through more regular channels and become friends. She works in marketing (hmm, hello), her husband Tim is a software engineer into snowboard (really?) and they went to Burning Man the same years I went there (come on!).

Our in home maternity session flowed super easily, we chatted the whole time which enabled me to see their relaxed selves and therefore, take photos in a comfortable environment. Despite the fears of all the husbands I meet, there’s not one that ended up having a terrible time during a shoot! And I’m rather proud of that haha.

Something that’s also important for in home sessions is to make sure you have a lot of natural light coming into your place. If you pay attention, most of the photos are taken close to large windows. If you’re able to send me a few pictures of your apartment before our shoot, that’s always useful!

I am so lucky to meet wonderful people through my job and Andrea and Tim were no exception. Now I’m excited to meet ‘baby Swayze’ soon! (spoiler alert: not his real name, even though I feel like it would be very trendy in Brooklyn!)