September 19, 2020

A Fall Beach Wedding in Long Island

When I first heard details about Nicola and Ben’s big day, I got immediately excited. A beach wedding in Long Island? With a lighthouse? And a carousel?? Photo ideas started to multiply in my head and I couldn’t wait to see what the venue would look like in person.

What I preferred from the day though had nothing to do with the place (even though, it’s absolutely gorgeous!). They had Nicola’s grandfather officiating their wedding, which really struck a cord and made me a bit emotional. I was very close to my grandpa and we always talked about him being present at my wedding; unfortunately he passed away a year before. Including your elders is such an awesome way to make your wedding ceremony even more meaningful and timeless.

The other thing that struck me was how much both the groom and the bride were so relaxed the whole day. I literally didn’t see one ounce of wedding jitters, which made their love for each other all the more obvious. They enjoyed being their natural selves in front of the camera, goofy and silly, which resulted in pretty cool and natural photos. The funniest might the one of Ben’s entrance for the mother of the groom dance! Or the one when the whole bridal party tries to catch Nicola’s veil flying away 🙂 Hey, Fall weddings by the beach in Long Island don’t come without risks!