September 16, 2020

A Hudson Valley Wedding at West Point

I was recommended to this beautiful bride by my own wedding photographer Eliza Jane; which is always a honor as I consider her to be the best. She introduced me to Kayla to take her engagement pictures; and it was such a match that I ended taking her wedding photos a few weeks later at West Point in the Hudson Valley.

Kayla & Ryan’s wedding at the Thayer Hotel was delicate and romantic. Due to covid, only best friends and family were present; which made the whole day so much more intimate. There’s something so special about participating in a couple’s most important day of their lives so closely… Meeting their entourage, learning about everything that makes them “them”. At the end of the day you really feel like you’ve known them forever. It’s quite powerful!

We initially had in mind to go to the military base’s iconic spots after the ceremony for bride and groom photos, but the Thayer Hotel’s lawn was so beautiful and the light was so perfect at that particular moment that we ended up staying there. Photo plans are always necessary, but sometimes the most important thing is to be in the present moment 🙂 Especially when a pandemic made that day already complicated to organize and schedule^^

Covid or not, Ryan & Kayla only needed their loved ones and the epic natural decor of the Hudson Valley to make their West Point wedding a dream come true. And I’m so glad they trusted me to capture it for them.