August 2, 2020

An Outdoor Couple Session in Vermont

Aaron and Maya are one of the most fun couples I know. I’ve seen them get silly together; dance until sunrise; and even witnessed Aaron get dressed as a dog to surprise Maya and announce he was getting her a puppy. So when we had the opportunity to do an outdoor couple session in Vermont together, I knew things were gonna get down.

We were lucky to have a cute cabin in the woods as our playground, with lots of land and little nooks. The house had a private pond, its own treehouse and even an adorable mini bridge. And that golden hour light! Nothing beats that summer end of day sun. It had been a while since I shot in those conditions and I enjoyed every minute of it. It really made me wanna do more golden hour shoots; but more on that front soon^^

We laughed, frolicked, danced, and our outdoor couple session just flowed in the most natural way. Girls, find yourself a man who adores you and is okay to twerk in your professional photos and you’ll be the luckiest! Cherry on the cake, the couple drove to Vermont with their motorbike; and we manage to squeeze it in some photos. The perfect prop for that adventurous, carefree couple 🙂