October 5, 2020

A Micro Wedding in Park Slope Brooklyn

Cindy and her fiance Jamie are a thirty-something couple living in Williamsburg 🙂 They met five years ago through Tinder and have been inseparable ever since. After contacting me, Cindy and I went for coffee in our neighborhood and she told me what she had in mind for her micro wedding in Park Slope.

Her and Jamie had found a small brownstone next to Fort Greene Park they really loved. They were planning to have a small gathering there. The house belonged to a famous music producer so it had lots of quirky decor, collection albums and a grand piano. It also had a small garden in the back which is where they decided to have their intimate ceremony.

Originally we had thought to take their bride and groom photos in Washington Square Park. But to keep logistics easy and avoid crowds we decided to stay in Park Slope and just walk around in the neighborhood. We had magical light which gave a sacred halo to Cindy’s bridal portraits.

Covid forced couples to rethink their big day, but when I see Cindy and Jamie’s micro wedding in Park Slope, I really don’t think it was missing anything. On the contrary! Smaller city weddings are more personalized and intimate – and they’re super fun to capture!