July 17, 2020

A Surprise Proposal By the NYC Skyline

Right before things got weird I got to have a last hooray with this adventurous couple’s surprise proposal by the NYC skyline 🙂 Knowing now that I’d be homebound for an undetermined number of days after that, I’m so glad I did!

Cody and I had initially organized his proposal on the rooftop of his hotel where he was staying with friends. But with the threat of covid19 getting stronger and stronger, people bailed last minute and we had to figure out another plan. He and his girlfriend were now staying in Williamsburg; which ended up being perfect cause duh, this is my hood and I know all its cute spots for photos.

We opted for the waterfront at sunset, hoping we would have a nice golden hour. Not gonna lie, it was pretty ambitious as it had rained all week. Somehow though the skies cleared in the end of the afternoon and our new plan just flowed. In my opinion it ended up being even better than what we had planned originally; I mean, it doesn’t get better for a proposal than the NYC skyline, right? So take that, coronavirus.

As soon as they arrived on the mini beach of East River State Park after their dinner, Cody got down on one knee and popped the question. As he says so himself; “There, after 4,996,755 minutes (9 years!) of being together, I had to chance to ask my best friend to be mine forever“.

We need cute stories like that more than ever these days. Thank you Cody and Gabi, and congratulations again!