October 5, 2020

A Typical NYC Elopement

This wonderful couple were long distance for 7 years before Gloria finally joined Kenya from Hong Kong one month before their wedding. I’m always a sucker for love stories like that! As a new city girl Gloria was set on a typical NYC elopement starting in Central Park, and ending on the Brooklyn Bridge for sunset.

Gloria and Kenya had picked the day before Christmas to get hitched. Central Park was so quiet! It had also just snowed, so the park was all white and the ambiance quite romantic. By the time we arrived in Central Park, there were a few patches of natural light under the Bethesda terrace. It was quite striking, so I placed Gloria and Kenya in them and played with the shadows and contrasts, for cool creative portraits. We were also able to take cool photos in the steam coming out of the pavement (typical from NYC!) when we exited the park.

We ended on the Brooklyn Bridge for sunset. It was a bit crowded; it always kinda is at that time. During quarantine though I acquired new Photoshop skills including removing people in the background, so that came handy 🙂 Such a useful tool for any NYC wedding photographer! For this part of the shoot the couple changed into comfortable clothes, and we enjoyed a more casual, relaxing time.

I asked Gloria: “What’s the one thing you like more about NYC than Hong Kong?” and she answered “The sunsets”. Apparently, they’re way more vibrant on this side of the world. She got her wish, the sunset that evening was just sublime, overlooking the buildings. A perfect way to wrap up this typical NYC elopement.