June 24, 2021

An Engagement Shoot in an Old New York Cab

Kerry and Christopher are the ultimate couple. Timeless and classy, they wanted to do something unique for their engagement photos, and were ready to go all in. What a treat when they told me they wanted to rent an old New York cab for their engagement shoot!

Sunrise on the Brooklyn Bridge

We started on the Brooklyn bridge for sunrise (by now I’m sure you all know this is my favorite time to shoot in the city!). Kerry and Christopher looked like movie stars; him with his black button down shirt, and her with her little black dress and Louboutin heels.

We got along instantly, capturing their love candidly and exchanging stories about how they met at a friend’s party (Kerry asking for his number without having actually talked to him) and how Christopher proposed in Germany at October Fest, flying all of Kerry’s family for an ultimate surprise. Quite the gentleman! I love knowing my couples’ stories; it brings us closer and makes the shoot so much more intimate and comfortable.

An Iconic Couple in an Old New York Cab

After the bridge, the old New York cab came to pick us up. The driver Peter from Film Cars NY was playing old songs from Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole. It felt like we were traveling back in time! He told us he’d been in the business for three decades, driving around many couples and celebrities on set over the years.

We mostly stayed in the West Village and stopped whenever we saw a spot we liked, like Jane street and its paved road or the trendy Dante Bar, on Perry & Hudson.

We ended right in front of the bar where Kerry and Christopher had their first date; which was closed now, but still enabled us to go full circle. Not gonna lie; that morning might have been my favorite shoot of 2020!