February 3, 2021

An Engagement Shoot in the West Village of NYC

Katie and Shawn are one adorable couple if I know one; and as if they weren’t cute enough, they’re also high school sweethearts. Definitely not common these days, especially in New York City! There’s something so special about capturing young love; less inhibition, less fears about looking silly on camera. I’m so glad Katie reached out and picked me to do their engagement shoot in the West Village of NYC.

A New NYC Couple

They’re both initially from Ohio. Katie did most of her studies abroad in Jamaica, so they were long distance for a while. But that didn’t stop them; and as soon as she finished college, she joined Shawn in New York City to start their adult life together. Shawn proposed last summer in Central Park at the Conservatory Garden. Apparently Katie was still very surprised even after all these years together.

A Casual Shoot Makes for Great Candid Engagement Photos

We walked around the neighborhood for a while, exchanging stories and getting to know each other. It was super casual and relaxed. We played with light when a glass building was reflecting the sun on to a street wall, creating a cool halo effect. They got a slice of pizza and ate it sitting on the sidewalk in front of Corner Bistro. They were up for literally anything, which I love because it gives way for creativity, improvisation and candid shots.

Towards the end of their session, it started to get really windy and cold. Katie and Shawn snuggled up and we took some really nice shots of them getting very close to each other. We wrapped up their engagement shoot in the West Village of NYC in the subway, to give a real urban feel to their photos (that… and warm ourselves up^^).