May 5, 2022

An Engagement Photo Session in Williamsburg

When Christina and Gian contacted me about their engagement photo session in Williamsburg, they were down to hit all the spots. “We like to do everything, concerts, going out to bars and restaurants… We are one of those crazy, non-stop people”. Right away I knew we were speaking the same language.

Fun & Unique Engagement Photo Ideas

We started our photoshoot at my neighborhood’s laundromat. Customers are always so puzzled by what’s going on when I shoot there^^ Then we hit Barcade to have a drink, play some games and get to know each other. We realized we shared the same passion for deep house and even had friends in common!

After a quick stop at the barber shop, we went all the way to the water front to enjoy the NYC skyline; and tried to stay serious while a Youtube DJ next to us was blasting techno. That didn’t last, and we ended up laughing and dancing it out on the boardwalk. Emotional couple photos are my jam, but nothing beats being plain goofy in the middle of the Brooklyn streets.

Finishing our Williamsburg Photoshoot in Style

Our engagement photo session in Williamsburg just flew by; at sunset, we enjoyed a slice of pizza at Joe’s and took advantage of the neon signs of the Awoke Vintage store. It started to get dark and our feet started to hurt, otherwise we would have kept going for sure 🙂