February 16, 2021

An Engagement Photoshoot in Dumbo

Engagement shoots let you see so much from a couple and their intimacy; so it’s always an honor to be able to photograph them. Caitlin and Tim contacted me to do their engagement photoshoot in Dumbo and we scheduled their session for early December. We woke up super early to avoid the crowds, but it came at a price. It was freaking freezing! At least we got some cool snuggling pictures out of it 🙂

A Photoshoot by the NYC Skyline

We walked around the waterfront, took photos in front of carousel, under the bridge, and in secluded little streets. Caitlin and Tim were so sweet and easy going. The shoot was super casual. We got to know each other, exchanged stories about how they met, and what they planned for their wedding – which was still on hold because of Covid.

Capturing Emotions in Black and White

I don’t usually take many black and white photos but for some reason for this session I was inspired to do so. While we were shooting, the scenes were making me think of an old movie from the 60’s; and even more so when I was editing. Sometimes color can distract the eye from the emotions you’re trying to capture. Your brain focuses on the editing / color grading, and not on the overall feel of the photo. So it’s fun to play around with that once in a while.

An engagement photoshoot in Dumbo is always picturesque and this one was no exception. Thank you Caitlin and Tim for braving the cold with me and following all my photo ideas!