February 17, 2021

An Engagement Session in the Greenwich Village

Caroline and Oliver wanted to do their engagement session in the Greenwich Village of NYC. They live on Sullivan Street, which is also where I lived for years when I was young and single. It was super special for me to shoot their love in that neighborhood, especially on that street! It brought back so many happy memories.

Breakfast Pizza Photoshoot

We started their shoot pretty early to avoid the crowd and met up in Washington Square Park at 6:30am. It was still a bit dark outside and the city was still sleeping. Even the park and the fountain were empty, which is so rare (if you are a New Yorker, you know!). It’s usually such a busy place, it was amazing to have it all for ourselves.

Then we went to grab breakfast pizza together in front of their building. Always love when couples bring pizza to their photoshoot (Duh! Pizza is life). The car parked outside became their table and we were lucky the owner didn’t see anything haha.

Why You Should Shoot in NYC at Sunrise

Afterwards, we walked around the neighborhood and explored parts that aren’t necessarily well known, like the Lucille Lortel theatre or the cigar shop on Christopher street. 7th avenue was also empty which was crazy cause there’s usually so much traffic there! Sunrise photoshoots are so great for that.

Caroline and Oliver are pretty goofy and didn’t want traditional photos for their engagement session in the Greenwich village. So I captured them mostly being silly in front of the camera and dancing in the middle of the streets. Engagement photos don’t need to be stiff and posed – at least, they will never be that with me 🙂