July 21, 2020

A Bushwick Wedding Turned Couple Session

Calla and Fiz were supposed to get married on May 23rd; unfortunately, Covid happened and made other plans. They had organized a ceremony at the Bushwick Abbey, their local community church, followed by an intimate dinner. And even if that ended up not being possible, we decided to capture their love on that day at that church anyways 🙂 A Bushwick wedding turned Bushwick couple session, if you will.

A Quirky Brooklyn Couple

We met at 7am sharp to enjoy the soft sunrise natural light; it’s also the best time to have the streets for ourselves (even though, Covid took care of that for us). The church had a lovely backyard with flowers which was the perfect location for this unique couple.

Both traditional in some ways (their attachment to the church, for example) and non traditional in others (the 70s retro vibes of their outfits), Calla and Fiz were one of those couples who couldn’t take their eyes off each other during their session. And I couldn’t take mine off them!

Bushwick, a Perfect Choice for an Urban Photoshoot

We then decided to explore the neighborhood; who would have thought Bushwick could be such a nice playground for a couple session? The NY Studio Factory and its bright blue wall; Troutman street and its famous street art; Maria Hernandez Park or even the French restaurant Mominette; these were all the perfect background to showcase these cuties.

The lesson: take that, virus! It really felt amazing to make lemonade out of those 2020 lemons; and turn what could have been a sad day into great memories.