November 22, 2021

An Urban Elopement in Bushwick Brooklyn

Bianca and David are getting married in Ecuador, but also wanted to take their photos urban elopement style in Brooklyn before flying south. They sent me a quick idea of what they had in mind, and we picked East Williamsburg for their location for a grungy, edgy vibe.

A City Editorial Vibe

I absolutely loved their matching cream outfits combined with Bianca’s veil. Couples with a kind yet rebellious heart are definitely my people! The whole time of our photoshoot, I knew we were speaking the same language. They were down for all my ideas and even pushed my editorial side which I really enjoyed.

Unique Elopement Photo Opportunities

We started on the abandoned train tracks of Morgan avenue, then walked around Bushwick and found some really cute gems; like cool street art, vintage cars or the Jefferson subway station. It’s too bad it was too early to get a slice, otherwise we would have stopped at Artichoke pizza; which is my absolute favorite.

On the flip side, waking up early enabled us to have a perfect morning light for a few minutes. We literally pulled on the side of the road to take advantage of it and took their kissing photos on a random parking lot^^

If you’re debating for a location for your urban elopement shoot, Brooklyn and East Williamsburg is definitely where it’s at!