April 22, 2024

A Brooklyn Wedding at Milk & Roses

When I received Kenna and Skyler’s inquiry to capture their Brooklyn wedding at Milk and Roses, I knew it would be a unique one.

“It’s safe to say we’re not having a super traditional wedding. We’ll just have a casual brunch at the restaurant after our ceremony. We want everyone to wear colorful, funky outfits. I’ll be in multi pastel colors (no white!) and Skyler will be in a sage suit. It’s still a special event of course but we’re both pretty relaxed and just want to capture the important moments. Your city / alternative style captured me the most! We really want subway car photos and thought that’d be up your alley!”

Right away I knew these people would be my people. I absolutely adore subway photos and non traditional approaches to weddings.

Wedding Ceremony and Reception at Milk and Roses Restaurant

Not gonna lie, it was raining pretty heavily that day. But instead of ruining the day, it made it even more whimsical. The grey of the rain made the pastel colors of the flowers and the guests’ outfits pop even more. And of course, it showcased the bride’s colorful dress! Being a bridal designer, Kenna is a real fashionista and opted for a Rodarte green, purple and pink dress adorned with a pink veil. The flower arch was matching those colors, as well as the macaron tower that replaced the traditional wedding cake.

Despite the rain, Kenna and Skyler decided to keep their ceremony outdoors, and distributed transparent umbrellas to all their guests. Evidence that there’s always a solution in case of rain on your wedding day!

Wedding photos in the NYC Subway

After their ceremony and brunch at the restaurant, we headed to the city for some subway photos. We really wanted a car with orange seats, as they have a retro / vintage feel to them and feel less sterile than the modern blue seats. But every time we were waiting for a train, a car with blue seats would arrive. Every. Single. Time. We chased so many trains that afternoon, it was hilarious. We even ended at South Ferry! We almost gave up; but right at that moment a car with orange seat finally arrived and made our vision come to life.

As a wedding photographer, I will always remember this NYC adventure with Kenna and Jordan, which started at Milk and Roses for their Brooklyn wedding and ended chasing trains all the way until the south tip of Manhattan for their bride and groom portraits 🙂