March 13, 2024

A Brooklyn Wedding at the Greenpoint Loft

A timeless affair of style and elegance, set against the backdrop of the NYC skyline. That’s exactly what Juliana and Zach’s wedding at Greenpoint Loft was all about. As a Brooklyn wedding photographer, this one was definitely one for the books.

An Epic Veil and a Stylish Groom

First things first, let’s talk about Juliana’s outfit. She wore a timeless Watters dress with a slit; super stylish and sexy. On top of that, she had an epic 2-tier veil that had us all swooning. We had so many fun photo opportunities capturing it! And Zach? Well, let’s just say he rocked that black tie look like Bond himself. Their first look on the venue rooftop was nothing short of an emotional one; even if Jules and Zach are usually on the reserved side, there were a lot of feelings flying around.

A Black Tie Wedding With Big Vibes

Forget casual Fridays, this was a black tie affair that set the standard for swankiness. Everyone came dressed to the nines, and boy did they bring the style. From sleek tuxedos to glamorous gowns, the fashion game was strong, and the vibe was oh-so-chic. That’s what happens with a New York crowd I guess! We do like our black 🙂

But beyond the glitz and glam, what really stole the show were the moments of pure love and joy. From heartfelt vows that had us reaching for the tissues during the ceremony, to dance floor shenanigans, every moment was a treasure.

A Rooftop Soiree with the NYC Skyline

And let’s not forget the cherry on top of this stylish soirée; the rooftop rendezvous. After the sun dipped below the skyline and the city lights twinkled, Juliana and Zach stole away for a little break. We took some fun flash photos with the city in the background; and enjoyed this moment straight out of a movie.

Jules and Zach’s Brooklyn wedding at the Greenpoint loft was the epitome of style, elegance, and all-around good vibes. From the bride’s epic veil to the rooftop romance, it was a day I’ll never forget as a Brooklyn wedding photographer. Thanks for letting me be a part of your love story, you two – here’s to a lifetime of happiness!