July 14, 2023

A Wedding at the Brooklyn Winery

Every wedding is a unique celebration, but there are some that leave an indelible mark. Ivan and Chelsea’s wedding at the Brooklyn Winery was one of those. As a Brooklyn wedding photographer, I had the honor of capturing the joy that radiated from this fun, loving and all around awesome couple.

Getting Ready at the Williamsburg Hotel

Chelsea got ready in the best room of the Williamsburg hotel; the one with the bathtub with the view on the Manhattan skyline (if you know, you know!). A super chill bride, she casually drank champagne there before her first look. Ivan was lucky enough to experience two first looks; his groomsmen pranking him wearing white dresses (epic!).

For their bride and groom portraits, we just cruised around Williamsburg; and stopped for pizza on the way to the winery. We made sure to not stain Chelsea’s gorgeous dress from Wona, though!

The Best Wedding Venue in Brooklyn

The Brooklyn Winery provided the perfect backdrop for Ivan and Chelsea’s love celebration. The venue’s rustic charm created a great intimate atmosphere for their ceremony; with its succulents on the wall, plants hanging from the ceiling and its warm wooden accents. Set in the heart of Williamsburg, it truly is a hidden gem. An oasis of tranquility in the middle of the bustling city… It might be my favorite wedding venue in Brooklyn!

A Fun Bride and Groom

Ivan and Chelsea’s personalities shone through every aspect of their wedding day. Their love was infectious, spreading laughter and smiles everywhere in the room. It was an absolute joy to capture their genuine connection and happiness. The bridal party was a reflection of Ivan and Chelsea’s spirit; filled with close friends, they were a fun bunch who liked to party. The camaraderie between everyone was obvious, which made for super fun group photos.

As a Brooklyn wedding photographer, I thrive on capturing those special moments that tell a couple’s unique love story. Ivan and Chelsea’s wedding at the Brooklyn winery provided a treasure trove of magical moments. I’m so grateful they picked me to capture them!