September 15, 2021

A Wedding at MyMoon in Williamsburg

When Geraldine contacted me about her wedding at MyMoon in Williamsburg, I had a feeling right away we’d be a good match. She was a low-key, no drama French bride getting married in my neighborhood to an American; so right away we had lots in common 🙂

A Great Brooklyn Wedding Venue

The venue is absolutely splendid and the florist One Flower by L did a great job at adding pops of colors and creating an epic arch for the ceremony. While Geraldine was getting ready with her hairdresser, her sisters were there to support her and calm her nerves.

The afternoon started with a traditional Chinese tea ceremony, where parents offer gifts to the newlyweds as blessings. I could see Geraldine getting emotional as the whole thing was becoming more and more real. The tea ceremony was super intimate with only the immediate family.

After that, the rest of the guests started to arrive and get ready for the main ceremony. Geraldine’s entrance with her parents was majestic, and it was hard to fight back tears when seeing hers. Geraldine and James had written their own vows; which is always my favorite part as you get to learn so much from the people you photograph so closely for a day.

Fun Bride and Groom Portraits

We took their wedding photos right next to MyMoon walking around Williamsburg; and had so much fun keeping it light and casual. Street art murals, barber shops or even garage doors will do the trick for me to convey that Brooklyn urban vibe.

The rest of the reception was equally fun (hmm, hello dinosaurs cake toppers) and after a particularly emotional speech from the bride’s sister, we danced the night away celebrating Geraldine and James’ love.