June 11, 2024

An Epic Wedding in Williamsburg and Greenpoint

When it comes to unforgettable wedding venues, Williamsburg and Greenpoint Brooklyn hold a special charm that’s hard to match. The vibrant energy and the scenic views make them perfect settings for any couple’s big day. Terri and Zach’s Brooklyn wedding at the Williamsburg Hotel followed by Dobbin Street was nothing short of magical, encapsulating the unique essence of those neighborhoods.

A Morning at The Williamsburg Hotel

Terri started her wedding day at the stylish Williamsburg Hotel, surrounded by her bridesmaids. The atmosphere was buzzing with excitement as the bridal party prepared for the day ahead. The Williamsburg Hotel, with its fun decor and panoramic views of the NYC skyline, provided a stunning backdrop for some memorable pre-ceremony moments.

One of the highlights of the morning was capturing Terri in a beautiful, relaxed moment in the bathtub, with the iconic New York City skyline framed perfectly behind her. These intimate shots highlighted not only the beauty of the bride but also the breathtaking views that Williamsburg offers.

The First Look

Terri and Zach opted for a first look before their ceremony. This private moment took place at the Williamsburg Hotel, and it was one of the most touching parts of the day. Zach’s reaction to seeing Terri in her wedding dress for the first time was priceless, and the emotions were palpable. This intimate encounter allowed them to share a few moments alone before the whirlwind of the wedding festivities began.

We took advantage of a nice pocket of light beaming through the hotel lobby to take some unplanned bride and groom photos before heading to Greenpoint.

A Walk to Remember: Journey to Dobbin Street

Following the first look, Terri, accompanied by her bridesmaids, made her way to the ceremony venue, Dobbin Street. The walk through Williamsburg’s lively streets added a unique urban vibe to the day. The bridesmaids, dressed in their black coordinated dresses, were so Brooklyn. And they were for sure turning heads and drawing smiles from passersby 🙂

Simultaneously, Zach and his groomsmen embarked on their own journey to Dobbin Street. The camaraderie and anticipation were evident in every shot as they walked through the streets of Brooklyn.

The Ceremony and Reception at Dobbin Street

Dobbin Street, with its modern industrial aesthetic and versatile event space, was the perfect venue for Terri and Zach’s Brooklyn wedding. The rooftop ceremony was heartfelt and intimate, set against the backdrop of the NYC skyline. The couple was lucky to have a perfect golden hour light, which made their ceremony all the more magical.

Following the ceremony, the reception was a joyous celebration of love, laughter, and dancing. The space at Dobbin Street was transformed into a fun party venue, with beautifully set black themed tables, a lively dance floor, and plenty of room for guests to celebrate. I had brought my film camera and took some fun shots on the dance floor and on the rooftop at night. I’ve been really loving flash and film photography at weddings lately to spice things up!

Capturing the Essence of a Williamsburg Brooklyn Wedding

Terri and Zach’s wedding was a perfect reflection of what makes a Brooklyn wedding in Williamsburg or Greenpoint so special. From the elegant preparations at the Williamsburg Hotel to the light filled ceremony at Dobbin Street, every moment was a testament to their love and the unique charm of those neighborhoods.

As a wedding photographer, capturing these moments was a true joy. The vibrant energy of Williamsburg and Greenpoint, combined with the love and excitement of Terri and Zach’s big day, made for an unforgettable experience. Thank you Terri and Zach for letting me be a part of your beautiful Brooklyn wedding!