February 26, 2024

A Whirlwind Lesbian Elopement in NYC

Every wedding is a unique celebration, but few leave an indelible mark quite like Lauren and Noa’s NYC lesbian elopement. As an NYC wedding photographer, I had the incredible privilege of capturing this stylish and deeply in love couple; and I’m excited to share their day with you.

Starting their wedding at the NYC City Hall

Embarking on their adventure at NYC City Hall, Lauren and Noa exchanged vows in the iconic building. I really love the architecture of that old building, giving a timeless vibe to their wedding. The subway station close by has the same retro vibe, so we shot there too after their ceremony. The high-ceiling arches are particularly so beautiful! Lauren and Noa met in NYC, and live here; so their elopement felt both like a celebration of their unique bond and one of the vibrant spirit of New York City.

Continuing their elopement in Brooklyn

From there, our journey led us across the East River to Brooklyn, in the charming neighborhood of Park Slope; where Lauren and Noa live. We started with Ginger’s, their neighborhood gay bar, where we toasted to their future, had some shots and danced for a bit 🙂

But no NYC adventure is complete without a proper New York pizza; so we made headed to Smiling Pizza and got a slice. Everyone was looking at them in the restaurant and congratulating them!

After taking some epic shots in the subway (my favorite!) our exploration continued through the cobblestone streets of SoHo. We made a pit stop at Little Cupcake Bakeshop, then stopped at the Overthrow Boxing Club. I always like how those neon lights and vintage TVs look in photos. It has a gritty vibe so typical of NYC; and I liked adding a layer of grunge to this really stylish couple.

As a NYC wedding photographer, it’s moments like these that remind me why I do what I do. Lauren and Noa’s elopement was more than just a celebration; it was a testament to the beauty of two souls finding their perfect match in the heart of the city. I feel immensely grateful to have been a part of their special day, and to have had the opportunity to preserve their love story for years to come.