February 15, 2021

A Brooklyn Patio Micro Wedding

Small weddings have become the new trend since 2020. They’re more intimate, easier to organize, and safer; a small revolution for the wedding industry. Following that trend Naomi and Klaire chose to organize a Brooklyn patio micro wedding last Fall.

Naomi and Klaire live in Brooklyn and have been together for two years. They have a unique style and wanted pictures that would convey it; hence Naomi’s rad skateboard and the typical neighborhood laundromat^^ I loved that she went full on rock n roll bride with her leather jacket and her white boots. Klaire was classy yet edgy with her velvet green costume. Cherry on the cake, they brought a disco ball to their wedding. Definitely one of the most fun couples I ever had to shoot!

The small ceremony took place on the patio of restaurant Tuffet in Williamsburg. The florist, Yellow Bow Florals, decorated the patio with gorgeous, Fall colored flower arrangements. A mix of white, light pink and red roses, orange carnations and dried pampas grass; it looked stunning!

What is key when planning a Brooklyn patio micro wedding, is to have a strong team, and that’s exactly what Naomi and Klaire had. On top of their florist, their planner Marian Frances chose the ideal venue, and ensured that everything went smoothly throughout the day. Finally, their graphic designer Sarah Chow Design made their invitations and a personalized guest book with drawings of Naomi and Klaire, where everyone could leave a note in. It was so well thought out.

Micro weddings are here to stay and I’m not mad about it one bit 🙂