January 18, 2024

A Fall Wedding at Foxfire Mountain House

As a wedding photographer, I recently had the pleasure of documenting an extraordinary fall celebration. It was at the enchanting Foxfire Mountain House, in the Hudson Valley. The bride, a captivating soul with a penchant for all things witchy and Halloween, planned a very unique wedding. Here’s a glimpse into the magical day that unfolded against the backdrop of autumn foliage and the rustic charm of Foxfire Mountain House.

A Bride With a Black Wedding Dress

The bride’s affinity for the mystical was evident from the moment I saw her breathtaking black wedding dress. Against the warm tones of the fall foliage and of her bouquet, the black gown made a bold statement. It really captured the essence of her enchanting spirit. To add an extra layer of charm, the bride and her one-year-old daughter Autumn were both dressed in matching outfits. Too cute for words!

Foxfire Mountain House: The Perfect Venue

Nestled in the Hudson Valley, Foxfire Mountain House provided an idyllic setting for this magical celebration. The rustic charm of the venue harmonized with the fall ambiance, creating a super cozy atmosphere. The bride and groom tied the knot in an intimate ceremony, nestled in the woods.

Wedding Ring Tattoos

To make things untraditional, the bride and groom opted for a unique way to symbolize their commitment. Rather than exchanging rings, they chose to have their ring fingers tattooed during the reception. So badass and rock’n’roll!

This fall wedding at Foxfire Mountain House transcended the ordinary, embracing the bride’s witchy charm and love for Halloween. With her black wedding dress, their unconventional ring tattoos, and the warmth of the foliage at Foxfire Mountain House, everything was absolutely perfect. As a wedding photographer, it was an absolute joy to capture this enchanting love story, a real-life fairytale made of autumnal magic and everlasting commitment.