September 14, 2021

A Fall Farm Wedding in the Hudson Valley

If you’re like me and you enjoy reading by the fireplace drinking a pumpkin spice latte (I’m basic that way), then Vilina and Taiowa’s Fall farm wedding in the Hudson valley is for you. They got married at the Whistlewood farm bed and breakfast on a beautiful October day, in a very DIY way that completely blew my mind.

DIY Wedding Ideas

Both very crafty, these two did everything themselves from scratch; their ceremony background, their flowers and even their flowers’ vases 🤯. Yes, the bride has some serious ceramics skills! From the table decorations to the flower crown station and the cutest dance floor with a disco ball piñata; V & T thought about everything to make their wedding day personalized and unforgettable.

Getting Married Upstate New York in Autumn

The Hudson valley had just started to turn yellow and orange, making it the perfect background. After their ceremony, we went to a local apple orchard for some unique bride & groom portraits straight out of a Wes Anderson movie (my ultimate favorite). I also really liked that the groom and groomsmen were wearing denim shirts! So cool and original.

Driving upstate New York is always a little bit of a hassle on top of shooting for 8 hours, but nothing beats the pretty colors of a Fall farm wedding in the Hudson valley. I’m looking forward to capturing more weddings there this season! And hope they will all be as stunning as Vilina and Taiowa’s 🙂