July 23, 2022

A Wedding in Topanga Canyon, Los Angeles

I had shot Victoria and Jordan’s engagement photos in California last year, so when they asked me to shoot their wedding in Topanga Canyon, Los Angeles, I was so excited to hop on a plane and go on another adventure with them!

A Hollywood Glam Bride

Victoria, a real Hollywood glam bride, got ready at the Petit Ermitage; a cute boutique hotel in LA. She was wearing an elegant kimono and a white swimsuit a la Marylin Monroe.

It was a hot Fall day, so we took advantage of the pool and drank some champagne there with her friends to start the day. Not too shabby on the morning of your wedding, huh?

A Secret Wedding Venue in Los Angeles

We then headed to their venue in Topanga Canyon, Inn of the 7th Ray. It was almost golden hour, and we took their bride and groom portraits basking in the California golden hour light.

Their baby Jackson joined us towards the end, and I couldn’t take how cute he was in his little suit! Victoria and Jordan were supposed to get married during the pandemic and postponed their plans; and meanwhile, they had their little guy who ended up being the VIP of the wedding haha.

During the day, the venue is a luxurious greenery oasis in the middle of the desert. But at night, it gets even more impressive as it completely lights up everywhere. Definitely a fairytale vibe for this unforgettable wedding in Topanga Canyon, Los Angeles 🙂