February 18, 2021

A Long Island Beach Elopement

Spencer and Russell love outdoorsy adventures, so they decided to have their beach elopement in a very remote part of Long Island called Smith Point County Park. Near Fire Island and Montauk, it’s so wild that the only way to access it is with a 4 wheel drive. The two love birds put me in the back of their pick up truck and off we went to capture their love.

Bride and Groom Portraits at a Wild Beach

It was my first time there and I was legit blown away by the beauty of the place. There’s tall pampas grass everywhere, and the beach goes on forever. It seemed like we were all alone in the world and we had so much fun running around like kids.

Towards the end of the shoot, it started raining but that did not stop us. On the contrary, it made the shoot almost whimsical. We even stayed after sundown and turned on the car’s lights to take nighttime pictures.

Taking Adventurous Couple Photos

It’s always so special when a couple trusts you 100% and is ok to be adventurous. I’m sure if I thought rolling in the sand was a good idea they would have done it! That kind of trust is what makes people my ideal wedding clients: not the Instagram famous venue or the expensive bohemian dress (even though, those are fun to shoot too!). Ideal clients are people who trust me. That’s it.

City elopements are what I’m most known for; but I’m always happy to get out of town and shoot a beach elopement in Long Island; especially when it’s as exciting as Spencer and Russell’s 🙂