March 22, 2021

A Maternity Photoshoot At Home in Brooklyn

Capturing journeys of motherhood is always one of my favorite things; and it’s even more special when I get to do it for a friend.

Sarah is one of my New York girls. As soon as she told me she was pregnant, I started thinking of ideas for her maternity photos.

Planning a Maternity Photoshoot At Home

I initially thought about driving upstate and taking them in front of an epic waterfall; but winter happened and I didn’t want this gorgeous mama to freeze her butt off.

After thinking about it, we decided it would be special to just do her maternity photoshoot at home in Brooklyn. That way she would be comfortable and we could enjoy the beautiful morning light that comes into her bedroom in the morning.

How to Personalize a Photo Session

Robert the baby daddy is also one of my close friends. It was important for me to incorporate him in a way that would be meaningful for him, too. He loves guitar and always talks music with my husband, so I thought it’d be cute if he’d played some tunes for his baby girl laying in bed. Not sure if it’s because I know them or not, but those photos of Rob and Sarah ended up being some of my favorites I’ve ever taken.

We ended up our session in music too by dancing on French songs 🙂 I’m so excited to meet baby West in just a few days now! And will always cherish this maternity photoshoot we did in their Brooklyn home before she comes into their lives.